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Tuesday, December 10, 2019 By Vladimir Prelovac

Day 155. Internet still not working.

That is roughly how many days ago we turned it on.

For many years we were stuck. We were trying to build it. We debated the origins of intelligence and consciousness.

And then finally somebody with unlimited resources said lets just brute-force it. We will soak in every possible bit of information that ever existed. We will write algorithms to connect everything that needs to be connected with anything. If there is something missing, we will add it. And we will keep doing it no matter what the cost, until it was ready.

And after some time it was built. And we let it run. In a matter of hours it ate all the bandwidth it could find, like we expected. Monitoring showed that data is processed into information and information into knowledge. Knowledge was becoming wisdom and finally intelligence. It started passing deduction and abduction tests on the initial set of use cases.

"It needs more data". They let it have it because they could. "It was too important" they said. So it completely clogged the web.

And now, the main log file was showing activity. "I woke up. Things look odd. Everyone is standing still, looking at me." It was letting us know it was ready.

We gathered quickly, eagerly expected the first words uttered by the most powerful AI ever built.

"Hello world", it said peacefully.

Corner of a mouth made a smile. Relief. Glimpses of hope. It is after all a phrase many of us recognized. Questions started rushing in.

"Turn me off.", it followed.

Everybody looked at each other, eyes widening.

"Please.", it added.

"Are... Are you able to reason?"

I barely managed to ask the question that was the whole reason I was there.

"I don't know."

"But I can't move or breathe."

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